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The Lotus Exige V6 comes in two variants the Roadster and the Sport. The roadster does not have any of the aerodynamic add on's such as the front splitter or rear wing in which are standard on the Exige Sport V6S. Its important to note that OEM mountings are present on the front clam of the roadster for retro fitting of a front splitter, however new holes and mountings would be required on the rear hatch to fit a rear wing.

This page aims to share aerodynamic performance parts available from the aftermarket for the Exige S3 V6 which includes the 350 Sport as well as the 380 Sport and Cup.

Front Splitters

Lotus exige v6 alias23 track splitter.jpg

ALIAS23 - Track & Street Splitter

ALIAS23 have produced two splitter designs for the Exige V6. Both take inspiration from the Lotus Motorsport CupR which is proven to increase front end downforce. The TRACK splitter (as shown in the image) has an over hang of 80mm, the STREET option in comparison has an overhand of 40mm which matches that of the Lotus OEM sport splitter. Both variants are finished in a satin black to match OEM and come with full fitting kit and instructions. It is important to note the TRACK splitter does require additional reinforcement of the front clam to cope with the added downforce - Further information on this can be found HERE

TRACK Splitter: Click Here

STREET Splitter: Click Here

Clam Reinforcement Plate: Click Here

Price Inc VAT £380

Komotec exigev6 front splitter.jpg

Komo-Tec Front Splitter

The Komo-Tec front splitter follows a similar design to that of the Lotus Motorsport CupR. An optional support plate is available for additional reinforcement of the front clam.

Komo-Tec Splitter: Click Here

Price Inc VAT €679


Reverie Front Splitter

Carbon Fibre front splitter assembly.

Reverie Splitter: Click Here

Price Inc VAT £1,559

Rear Wings

Alias23 lotus exige cup380 wing.jpg

ALIAS23 - Exige 380 Cup Carbon Rear Wing

The Exige Cup 380 Cup is arguably the best visual variant of the Exige S3 range Lotus ever built. Designed with many aerodynamics enhancements, the most obvious of which being the carbon tailgate-mounted rear wing.

It contributed to the car achieving a downforce of 200kg at max velocity of 281 kph, which is a significant number considering that the car itself weighs about 1,050 kgs. The ALIAS23 tailgate-mounted wing is inspired by the Exige Cup 380, and will bolt on to any Exige V6, using the mounting holes used for the OEM wing. Installation is therefore very simple and no additional modification is required. True plug and play!

The wing kit features billet aluminium uprights and bases, a gloss carbon blade with carbon end-panels and is supplied with all fasteners needed for installation.

Carbon ALIAS23 380 Cup Rear Wing: Click Here

Price Inc VAT £1,700


Komo-Tec Carbon Fibre Rear Wing

Developed in the wind tunnel, the KT-Track rear wing offers an optimal profile to generate a very good ratio of downforce and air resistance. The 1.350 mm wide, curved wing ensures a balanced aerodynamic distribution, especially in combination with the motorsports front splitter. At an angle of 12° of the tail wing, the highest aerodynamic system efficiency is achieved.

The wing is fixed to the tailgate by specially built Komo-Tec wing supports (in black). Fixings supplied as standard.

Carbon KT Rear Wing: Click Here

Price Inc VAT €2,190

Reverie rear wing.jpg

Reverie Carbon Fibre Wing

Reverie have designed a whole range of different wing types for the Lotus Exige V6. Options include hatch or clam mounting and various wing profile and upright designs.

Reverie Range of Wings: Click Here

Price Range Inc VAT £2,015 - £2,255

Extended Side Sills

Alias23 extended side sills gfwilliams.jpg

ALIAS23 - Extended Side Sills

The ALIAS23 extended side sills fit all of the Lotus Exige S3 models taking the original design and added a little more aggression with a fuller length extension. In addition to the visual improvements, the sills are designed to help reduce stone chips to the side especially at the rear.

The sills are cut from 6mm satin black plastic, the natural finish is a good match to OEM. Supplied with full fitting kit and instructions.

ALIAS23 Extended Side Sills: Click Here

Price Inc VAT £300

Reverie side sills v6.jpg

Reverie Carbon Side Sills

Manufactured from high quality Autoclaved Carbon Fibre for superior rigidity and finish.

Reverie CF Sills: Click Here

Price Range Inc VAT £670