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Buyer's Guide

A very big newbie mistake is to avoid cars that have been near a track and to look for the lowest millage possible never driven cars.

The problem with this is that all to often the 'Garage jewellery' cars often are the ones to avoid with none of the normal 'niggles' fixed and items perishing with age, also with this watch out for cars that are 'unserviced'.

Servicing is ever year or when mileage dictates.




Steering rack


Common faults...


HGF (K-series)


Steering rack

Indicators popping out

Resistor pack on heater

There are two very good external Elise buyer's guides:

Elise FAQ: (This one is Technical)

EliseFAQ buyer's guide

MLOC Wiki: (This one is everything else)

MLOC buyer's guide

Insurance Check

Use this site to check whether any car in the UK is insured.

MOT Check

Use this site to check a cars recent MOT history (dates, mileage). You need the registration number and V5 document number.

Value your car

The vehicles covered by the valuation service shall be car models introduced into the UK market during the last 9 years, excluding cars under six months old. Cars outside the age and mileage ranges, some specialist or limited edition vehicles, vehicles in short supply or rare vehicles will not have a value.