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The hinge is attached to the door beam and to the chassis

Door Hinge 1.JPG

If your door is dropping and lifting onto the door pin when you close, its more than likely that the plastic bearing is worn. There is a steel top hat (rotor) bush which sits inside a very thin plastic top hat bearing. It is the plastic part that wears and it is more likely on the drivers door as its obviously used more often.

Door Hinge 2.JPG

You can test if the hinge is worn by opening the door and trying to lift the door at the handle end and see what up/down movement there is. Try this with the door wide open and with it nearly closed. On mine there was lot more movement at one position than the other (can't remember which though). Compare any movement with the passenger side which gets a lot less wear and should be "as new" with little movement at the hinge

Each hinge has 2 rotor bushes and 2 plastic bearings. Each is held in place by a Cap Headed (allen) Bolt from the top and from the bottom. The bearing and rotor are a couple of £ from Lotus. It is a clam off job to fit them (someone had previously said that they can fitted in situ but I couldn't see how an allen key/socket would fit in the space. Perhaps you can do it by loosening the front clam sill mount bolts and pulling the side of the clam out)

These are the parts from Lotus.

Door Hinge 3.JPG

The part numbers are

Plastic Bearing, Door Hinge, Part No A111U6025F
Bush, Door Hinge, Part No A111U0057F

(Although I changed both Plastic Bearing and Rotor Bush,you could probably get away with only swapping the plastic bearing as this is the part that takes all the door load).

This is a photo of my old hinge mechanism (notice the wear on the aluminium by the door spring plate on a 40K mile car !!! (Shiney bit in centre). 2-3mm is worn off . And the gunk on the bottom of the hinge is the powdered remains)


New bearings and bushes took minutes to fit. Keep the door closed and remove/replace top and bottom bushes one at a time and the door will not move.

Fix the hinge bearing/bush then adjust the door to the correct closing height using the 4 bolts attaching the hinge to the chassis (you can see the slotted holes in the 1st diagram above that are there to allow this). My door shuts with a nice solid click now.