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Just don't mount it in the footwell...

Originally posted by MartynL

When I got my first Elise a decade ago, it had a fire extinguisher bolted to the footrest in the passenger foot well.

I never really though about the possible, disastrous consequences at the time. What followed was a terrible, terrible scene - one which we can all learn from.

I'd pulled up at some lights on the coast road in Jesmond, Newcastle, on the way home from an excellent day at York races. I'd taken my then girlfriend: a tall leggy, fit brunette lass, into the 'posh bit' of the grandstand as a bit of a surprise - she was one of those well spoken, horsey types, and a day at the races meant her knicker elastic was loosening from the moment I picked her up that morning. Quite a catch for a cheeky northern monkey like me.

After she'd somehow snoozed most of the way back up the A1 with the roof off the car and the constant drone of the exhaust. she bathed in the last rays of summer sunshine.

I came to a stop at the traffic lights only about half a mile from home and I was looking forward to the reward that awaited... :wub As I blipped the throttle as we pulled away, she awoke from her slumber. Her long tanned, slender legs stretched out from beneath her posh frock...

..and then SHE FUCKING SET OFF THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER in the foot well with her ridiculous, strappy 6 inch Italian heels.

The ENTIRE cabin filled with white powder, my best suit ruined, and the car was a complete, awful, dust covered mess. She was leaning out the passenger side window, gasping for breath, and the Porker driver next to me was pissing his pants... I was not happy.

We split up shortly after that. I didn't get my end away that night :v6 Such a waste of investment.

Take your fire extinguishers out of your foot well. It can have potentially disastrous ramifications.