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Rover PG1

The service manual says your Rover PG1 gearbox id filled for life, and requires no periodic renewal. However, some people choose to replace the oil in sync with their C service. Some have commented that a better oil can improve gear change and reduce noise.

PG1 needs API GL4 spec for the synchros.

Dry fill capacity = 2.4 litres

Refil = 2.1 litres


You can get MTF94 from Land Rover (part no STC9158 for 1L, part no STC 9157 for 5L) or online here: [1]

Honda M6T

The Honda gearbox is also normally considered filled for life, but the OEM gearbox oil is quite thin and some people change it for a more viscous gearbox oil to cope with high temperatures (eg. heavy track use) better.

Dry fill capacity = 1.7 litres
Refil = 1.5 litres


  • Honda OEM MTF-III part number 08798-9031
  • Silkolene Syn 5 75w-90

Toyota C64

Fitted in all the 2ZZ-GE engined Lotus cars including the Elise 111R, Elise SC, all S2 Exige variants and the 2-11 (GT4 excluded).

The Lotus service manual recommends changing your gearbox oil every 6 years or 45,000 miles (whichever is soonest). Some recommend the use of Redline MT-90 75W/90 over the standard Lotus specified SAE 75W/90 synthetic gearbox oil, as it can improve gear shift feel.

Viscosity = SAE 75W/90

Quality Standard = API GL-4 or GL-5

Dry fill capacity = 2.3 litres (2.4 US qt)


  • Redline MT-90 75W/90