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Gearbox Reverse Switch

The Rear brake lights and reversing lights are on the same fuse.

If you find your reversing lights are not working or constantly on, your gearbox reversing switch has broken.

Rover K Series Reversing Switch


I aquired my replacement switch at the scrap yard for £3 pounds.

Its the same switch in all the rover PG1 gearboxes.

Lotus Part Number: A111F6021S

Rover Part Number: CDU51A

Also available from Eliseparts

It is a good idea to test the switch with an electric test meter, the switch completes the circuit

Testing the Reversing Switch
Testing the Reversing Switch


Fitting the reversing switch is very easy, the hardest part is removing the rear and engine undertray.

Reversing Switch in the gearbox
Reversing Switch in the gearbox