Headlamp conversion

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The Elise S2 (RHD) headlamps can easily be converted to left hand drive by following this description:

Remove the plastic protection by unscrewing the 3 bolts in the wheelhouse Remove all the screws which fix the headlamp assembly to the vehicle body Separete the cables from the headlamp assembly Prepare a surface for doing the next steps.

The assymmetrie of the headlamp light is realized by covering the front part of the reflector with a sheet metal. By slimply turning this sheet metal, the conversion is done.

How to proceed: Use a flat screw driver for uplifting the 3 metal flaps Use a caliper to move the by 180°, yes you can. The metal is not going to break, be gentle! Reassemble, potentially you need to cut away the (-) pole nipple (not used in Lotus). That's it!

Approx. 20 min for each!