Headlight Switch Panel

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The Headlight Switch Panel in an Elise is situated next to the stack/steering wheel on the dashboard.


  1. Remove the plastic surrounding the switches. This can be done using a couple of credit cards wedged into the top and lever the top down.
  2. Remove the aluminium panel which the lights are attached to. This has 2 screws at the top and 2 screws on the face. If they are hidden behind the black adhesive sticker, then puncture a hole through the sticker.
  3. Unscrew the bottom of the plastic steering column surround. This has 3 screws at the bottom and one at either side, plus two at the front. Let it dangle on the two wires
  4. Remove the plastic surrounding the heater controls in the same way as in step 1
  5. Unbolt the Stack instrument panel using a 10mm socket set.
  6. The painted aluminium panel above the switch panel should slide towards the steering column. It is held on using a sprung piece of metal, so should just it pull off.
  7. The switch connectors just pull off the switch bodies.

There's a lot of unscrewing there - so if you're lucky to have long wires some of the steps can be omitted.