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S2 Indicators

Lotus Part Numbers:

L\H: B117M0018F

R\H: B117M0017F

and they are £62.50

The indicator release clip is accessed through a small hole in the clam in the corner of the grill appature, 10 o'clock of the driving lamp if fitted. The hole is visible in the second photo.

A medium sized flat blade screw driver is best used to release the clip.

The clips can break on the S2 indicators making them 'pop' out, and your indicator unit will need replacing, or if you're a skinflint like SELOC member Dobbin you can use this handy trick:

  • Drill a hole in what's left of the bottom indicator tab and then feed a length of nylon shock cord through it.
Hole Drilled, Cord Through.

  • Both ends fed around the driving light and passed through one of those springy toggles you get on jackets.

Toggles Toggle.jpg

Then tied together with a cable tie around the driving light.

Cord Around Driving Light.

  • Once the indicator is popped back in you can then pull the cord as tight as you like.
Pulling The Cord Tight Around The Driving Light.

  • You can just see the nylon cord, you can usually tuck it well out of the way.
Job's A Carrot.

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