Installing Alpine Ezi-DAB module to add DAB radio

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The Alpine Ezi-DAB module is a small adaptor which can be used to retro-fit DAB radio support to cars without necessitating the replacement of the head-unit. This can send DAB radio either through stereo AUX component cables or FM transmission.


This fitting guide focuses on an Evora with the Alpine IVA-W520R and reversing cameras, fitted using the AUX connector.

Removing the head-unit

1. Remove fascia around stereo - held by 4 tower clips - I opened the face of the stereo as if inserting a disc and eased my fingers behind the panel and pulled forward. A flat blade screwdriver between bottom of the panel and dash helps ease out the clip closest the wheel. Unclip 3 x mini harnesses for fascia switches.

2. Remove 4 x screws securing the radio and ease out - it is in there tight due to stabilising mount on rear of unit.

Modified Wiring Harness

3. Strip down Ezi-Dab power harness to include just 12v ignition, 12v permanent and earth. Tap into original connections to rear of Alpine unit - I used service sheets from Lotus website for reference.

4. Swap camera-in harness for the new harness including Aux-in.

Old & new cables:

Alpine Ezi-DAB - Wiring Harness.jpg

5. Attach Aux-in harness to Ezi-dab phono cable and thread through to under dash/glovebox.

6. Replace radio/dash etc being careful not to dislodge ipod and nav connections on rear of unit. Replace fascia panel.


7. Remove passenger side A-pillar trim, secure DAB aerial to windscreen and run aerial wire down A pillar securing with gaffa tape. Replace trim.

I secured my aerial a couple of inches from the trim to avoid damaging when reattaching trim but could be stuck closer.

Alpine Ezi-DAB - Aerial.jpg

Placement and Wiring

8. Mount Ezi-DAB controller - I placed in glovebox to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Alpine Ezi-DAB - Unit in glovebox.jpg

9. Wire up Ezi-DAB control box to aerial, power, line out/aux-in and dash controller and mount control box under passenger side dash behind extrusion that spans cockpit.

10. Tidy up cables and then enjoy crystal clear DAB radio via Aux source on main stereo.


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