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Following the release of the eagerly awaited Lotus Exige S, Lotus Racing have been working on a selection of performance upgrades and parts to enhance the safety, handling and performance for track day applications[1].

Lotus Racing Exige S Performance Parts Brochure Page


2 Way Adjustable Spring and Damper Car Kit

Part No: ALS9Y0002F
Price: £2,495

Front and Rear Towing Eye Kit

Part No: ALS9Y0003F
Price: £195


6 Point Harness Kit

Part No: ALS9Y0006F
Price: £345

FIA Fixed Seat Runner Kit

Part No: A128U0047S
Price: £141.42

Harness Bar and 4 Point Harness

Part No: ALS9Y0001F
Price: £395

Part No: ALS9V0001F
Price: £995

Part No: ALS9V0002F
Price: £995

Quick Release Steering Wheel and Boss

Part No: ALS9Y0004F
Price: £495


Baffled Wet Sump

Part No: ALS5E0149F
Price: £1,495

Sports Exhaust

Part No: LOTAC05504
Price: £682.49


70L Fuel Cell Kit

Part No: ALS9Y0005F
Price: £1,980.18

Brake Upgrade Kit

Part No: ALS9Y0007F
Price: £2,295

Performance Brake Pads

Evora GTN - Miscellaneous - Performance Brake Pads – Pagid RS14.jpg

Front Part No: ALS5J0140F Rear Part No: ALS5J0177F

Pagid track pads with improved frictional coefficients for improved bite. Compound also improves fade resistance whilst maintaining good wear rate characteristics. Supplied as an axle set.

Price: £225

Polycarbonate Rear Window

Part No: ALS3B0133K
Price: £245

Triple Bypass Radiator

Part No: ALS3K0034F
Price: £307.33

Coming soon

  • Ohlin Adjustable Race Dampers
  • Carbon Rear Tailgate
  • Lightweight Battery
  • Performance Road Tyres
  • High Downforce Carbon Rear Wing
  • Stiffer Engine Mounts
  • Xtrac Sequential Gearbox with Paddleshift

Contact details

For further information please contact Adrian Kent - Parts Department
Telephone: +44 (0)1953 608980
Email: [email protected]

All prices exclude VAT, delivery and local taxes. All parts shown are for track use only and may effect standard vehicle warranty.